About Me

DSC_5057_pp-6_zps0e7b12a5I have always been one of those moms who take way too many pictures (as my kids would say). My kids might find it a little annoying (ok, a lot annoying) that I’m always snapping away and saying “look like you’re having fun”, but I bet they’ll thank me one day when they can look back and see all of the memories we have created!

I never grew up thinking that I would be a photographer one day. I was never really sure of exactly what I wanted to do! A few years ago for Christmas, my husband bought me my first “big” camera. I had never asked for one. So, when I asked why he bought it for me he said, “Because I knew you would never spend that much money and buy one for yourself”. Well, he was right. I can be a little thrifty at times! So, after looking at it and being intimidated by all of those buttons, I did what anyone would. I put it away and hardly ever used it! My point and shoot was much simpler! A few months later, I got an email saying that my husband had purchased a “three hour photography lesson” deal. He was really pushing this camera thing!! So, I went to the class and I’ve been hooked ever since!! I have learned a lot since then, but there will always be so much more to learn about the different aspects of photography, and I intend to continue to learn and grow on my journey! I am so happy to say that I enjoy what I do and I owe it all to my wonderful husband. Thanks, honey!!

I reside just outside of Richmond in Mechanicsville, VA with my husband, Rob and my two sweet boys, Ryan and Jake.